The Colonna Family Bucket List Tour!

The Colonna Family Bucket List Tour!

Want to follow us as we take Dan on his dream trip to Italy?  Then hop on board this crazy Euro train at!  Below is the first entry to fill you in on what’s going on!

Pack Your Bags!

The Collected Dialogues of Plato. Religion in Western Culture. The Human Order. Milestones of Modern Science.  Sure, you can spend your student loan on classes and books…but why when you can spend it on a month long trip to Italy?  That’s right boys and girls, those student loans are meant for education and nothing is more educational than drinking and eating your way around the world! Well…okay…there is a slightly more serious educational purpose for this trip and it’s a lesson we all should contemplate each day whether you’re sweating your butt off in Central Florida or sweating your butt off in Rome holding a chilled glass of Prosecco, and the lesson is LIVE.  

Live each day as if money doesn’t matter. Live each day as if there is no dog to feed or toilet to clean.  Live each day as if there is no need for seizure meds or brain surgeries. Live each day as if there is no such thing as cancer.  Live each day as if it is your last….because as our family knows, there is no guarantee.  All you can control is what you do with the experiences that life hands you and this family has heard the lesson loud and clear.  In demonstration of our hard earned knowledge, we are blowing every penny of that student loan for an education in love, togetherness and adventure with our best friends, our soul mates, our most cherished companions…in other words, our family. 

Ya, I know you’re jelly, but why?  You too can do something wild and crazy just because you can!  However, for those of you that are not able to be this blissfully irresponsible due to illness or for those of you still working up the courage, we’ve created this travel blog so you can be driven, prodded and pushed by the oh so effective vehicles of jealousy and envy to go live your life!


*This blog is dedicated to Bren and all the caregivers that make life a beautiful adventure for those that can’t make it for themselves.